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O Good Saint Anne,

who had the incomparable privilege of bringing into the world

Her who was to become the Mother of God,

I come to place myself

under your special care.

I confide myself to you,

together with the child I am carrying.

Thousands of children owe you,

Glorious Mother of Mary,

the life of the body and the grace of baptism.

Hence I wish, in my turn,

to place my whole confidence in you.

Make me keep in mind the precautions I need to take

so as not to endanger in any way the health,

good qualities or the eternal salvation

of the child whose very existence

God has placed in my care.

Obtain for me

the virtues you did teach Her who was to be the Mother of God,

so that I may afterwards

instil and develop them

in the heart of my child.

O Good Saint Anne,

protect me today and forever.

I know that you will not refuse your intercession

to a mother who invokes you with confidence.