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Jesus Christ,

Son of God made Man,

crowned with thorns,

bearing a scepter of a reed,

wearing a royal cloak purpled

with Your Precious Blood,

I venerate You as the Man of Sorrows

and acknowledge You as my Lord and King!

Jesus crucified,

I firmly renounce the devil

and detest all sin

that has torn me from Your loving friendship.

I pledge my loyalty to You,

my Saviour,

and beg You to make me Your own in sincerest love.

I promise to be faithful in service to You,

and to strive to become more pleasing to you

by avoiding every sin and its occasions,

by carrying out my duties

perfectly as a good Catholic,

and by practicing virtue.

Jesus crucified,

accept the homage I wish to render You

during this novena,

as a token of my sincerest appreciation

for the sorrows and sufferings

You have willingly borne to atone for my many sins

and to prove how much You love me.

I adore You as my very God,

Who willed to become Man

in order to save me from eternal death.

I thank You as my best Friend,

Who laid down Your life

as proof of the greatest love possible.

I ask pardon for having so little thought of You,

Jesus crucified,

and for having caused Your sorrows

and sufferings by the many sins I have committed.

I pray to You,

dearest Jesus,

for all the graces I need to know You,

to love You and serve You faithfully unto death,

and to save my soul.

Give me a tender and fervent devotion

to Your Sacred Passion by which I was redeemed,

venerating You especially in Holy Mass.

Teach me how to unite sorrows and sufferings

of my life with Your own.

Finally, through all Your sorrows and pains,

through Your Sacred Heart

glowing with love for me,

broken because of my want of love for You,

through the sorrows of Mary,

your Sorrowful Mother,

I ask for this special favour:

[Mention your request here...]

With childlike trust

I abandon myself to Your holy Will

concerning my request.