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Most holy Virgin and Queen of Martyrs,

Mary, would that I could be in Heaven,

there to contemplate the honours rendered to thee

by the Most Holy Trinity

and by the whole Heavenly Court!

But since I am still a pilgrim in this vale of tears,

receive from me, thy unworthy servant and a poor sinner,

the most sincere homage

and the most perfect act of vassalage

a human creature can offer thee.

In thy Immaculate Heart,

pierced with so many swords of sorrow,

I place today my poor soul forever;

receive me as a partaker in thy dolors,

and never suffer that I should depart from that Cross

on which thy only begotten Son expired for me.

With thee, O Mary,

I will endure all the sufferings,

contradictions, infirmities,

with which it will please thy Divine Son

to visit me in this life.

All of them I offer to thee,

in memory of the Dolors

which thou didst suffer during thy life,

that every thought of my mind,

every beating of my heart

may henceforward be an act of compassion to thy Sorrows,

and of complacency for the glory

thou now enjoyest in Heaven.

Since then, O Dear Mother,

I now compassionate thy Dolors,

and rejoice in seeing thee glorified,

do thou also have compassion on me,

and reconcile me to thy Son Jesus,

that I may become thy true and loyal son (daughter);

come on my last day and assist me in my last agony,

even as thou wert present at the Agony of thy Divine Son Jesus,

that from this painful exile I may go to Heaven,

there to be made partaker of thy glory.