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To the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Oh Mother Most Pure,

we come to You as a family

and consecrate ourselves to your most Immaculate Heart.

We come to You as a family

and place our trust in Your powerful intercession.

Oh Dearest Mother Mary,

teach us as a mother teaches her children,

for our souls are soiled

and our prayers are weak

because of our sinful hearts.

Here we are Dearest Mother,

ready to respond to You

and follow Your way,

for Your way leads us

to the heart of Your Son, Jesus.

We are ready to be cleansed and purified.

Come then Virgin Most Pure,

and embrace us with Your motherly mantle.

Make our hearts whiter than snow

and as pure as a spring of fresh water.

Teach us to pray,

so that our prayers may become more beautiful

than the singing of the birds at the break of dawn.

Dear Mother Mary,

we entrust to Your Immaculate Heart of hearts,

our family and our entire future.

Lead us all to our homeland which is Heaven.


Immaculate Heart of Mary,

pray for us.


O Good and merciful Saint Anne,

in order to honour you with more zeal,

and pray to you with more confidence,

I come to consecrate myself to you,

for time and for eternity.

Hence I choose you,

after the most Blessed Virgin,

for my spiritual mother,

and my protectress before God.

I place in your keep my body and my soul,

my temporal needs

and my eternal interests.

I consecrate my mind to you,

that you may enlighten me in all things,

with the light of faith;

my heart,

that you may keep it full of love for Jesus and Mary;

my will,

that you may forever

keep it subsmissive to that of God;

and my body,

that you may make it forever

the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Obtain for me,

O Good Saint Anne,

the grace to fulfil faithfully,

after your example,

all the duties of my state of life

and to practise, like you,

all the virtues necessary to my salvation.

Grant that after having honoured and loved you on earth,

O dear and Good Saint Anne,

I may one day go to glorify you,

with God, Mary, the saints and the angels,

during all eternity.



O Jesus,

our most loving Redeemer,

who having come to enlighten the world

with Thy teaching and example,

didst will to pass the greater part of Thy life

in humility and subjection to Mary and Joseph

in the poor home of Nazareth,

thus sanctifying the Family

that was to be an example for all Christian families,

graciously receive our family as it dedicates

and consecrates itself to Thee this day.

Do Thou protect us,

guard us and establish amongst us Thy holy fear,

true peace and concord in Christian love:

in order that by living according to the divine pattern

of Thy family we may be able,

all of us without exception,

to attain to eternal happiness.


dear Mother of Jesus and Mother of us,

by the kindly intercession

make this our humble offering acceptable in the sight of Jesus,

and obtain for us His graces and blessings.

O Saint Joseph,

most holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary,

help us by thy prayers in all our spiritual and temporal needs;

that so we may be enabled to praise our divine Savior Jesus,

together with Mary and thee,

for all eternity.

(Recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory 3 times.)


(An indulgence of 500 days. A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions,

if this prayer is repeated with devotion every day for a month.)


Dear Holy Spirit,

You are my friend.

I give You myself.

I ask You to dwell deeply inside of me

and make me holy.

I want to know the fire of God’s love.

I want to love God with all my heart.