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St. Bernadette, little shepherdess of Lourdes

favoured with eighteen apparitions

of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

and with the privilege of lovingly conversing with her,

now that you are eternally enjoying the entrancing beauty

of the Immaculate Mother of God,

do not forsake me your devoted client,

who am still in the valley of tears.

Intercede for me that I too,

may walk the simple paths of faith.

Help me to imitate your example,

at our heavenly Queens request,

by saying the Rosary daily

and by doing penance for sinners.

Teach me to imitate your wonderful devotedness to God

and Our Lady the Immaculate Conception

so that like you,

I may be blessed with the grace of lasting faithfulness

and enjoy the happiness in heaven

of the eternal vision of God the Father,

Son and Holy Spirit.