15 th Prayer

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Say one

Say one "Hail Mary..."

O Jesus! I remember the abundant outpouring of Blood which You shed.

From Your Side, pierced with a lance by a soldier,

Blood and Water poured forth

until there was not left in Your Body a single Drop;

and finally the very substance of Your Body withered

and the marrow of Your Bones dried up.

Through this bitter Passion

and through the outpouring of Your Precious Blood,

I beg You to pierce my heart

so that my tears of penance and love

may be my bread day and night.

May I be entirely converted to You;

may my heart be Your perpetual resting place;

may my conversation be pleasing to You;

and may the end of my life be so praiseworthy that

I may merit Heaven

and there with Your saints praise You forever.


The fifteen prayers were taught by Jesus to Saint Bridget. He said to her,

I received 5,480 wounds on My Body during My Passion.

If you wish to honor each of them in some way

pray the following prayers each day for a whole year.

When the year is over, you will have honored each one of My Wounds.